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Jual Ibanez RGA Series RGAT62 - Sapphire Blue Flat

Jual Ibanez RGA Series RGAT62 - Sapphire Blue Flat

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Jual Ibanez RGA Series RGAT62 - Sapphire Blue Flat

Jual Ibanez RGA Series RGAT62 - Sapphire Blue Flat, harga Rp. 7.840.000,-

Neck-through Ibanez with a Classic Voice

Its distinctive arch top and RG-style body are only two of the things that set the Ibanez RGAT62 solidbody electric guitar apart from a crowded field of high-performance instruments. This guitar features a 5-piece maple and walnut Wizard III neck, which utilizes neck-through construction for superior sustain and stability. The DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton humbucking pickups are favored for their ample output and full-range voice which highlight the warmth of the mahogany body. The RGAT62 is a bold-looking instrument with the aesthetics and tone to match.

Thoroughly modern construction

The Ibanez RGAT62 boasts a plethora of modern construction techniques that are sure to impress today's players. One of the most noticeable is the guitar's comfortably arched top. Not only does it offer a sophisticated look, but it gives your picking arm a comfortable place to rest while playing. Two deeply contoured cutaways ensure you'll have plenty of upper-fret access. And the simple but effective hardtail bridge keeps your tuning solid through any type of playing style.

Wizard neck-through design

There aren't many neck carves as legendary as Ibanez's Wizard profiles. The Wizard III found on the RGAT62 lends itself to ease of play, speed, and the ability to remain stable, all while still maintaining a thin, playable feel. And Ibanez has found a way to take the Wizard III a step further. By utilizing 5-piece maple and walnut construction and a neck-through-body build process, you'll revel at the superior feel and ease of playability all the way up the 24-fret neck.

DiMarzio electronics

Like many Ibanez solidbody electric guitars, the RGAT62 is outfitted with a set of DiMarzio humbucking pickups. The Tone Zone humbucker in the bridge has been a favorite at Sweetwater for a long time due to its full, clean sound and higher output that never sounds muddy. The Air Norton neck humbucker is a perfect complement to the Tone Zone's punchy character, delivering enough output for heavier styles while always remaining open and airy for cleaner tones. The combination of the Tone Zone and Air Norton pickups provides a powerful and versatile sonic tool set.

Ibanez RGAT62 Neck-through Electric Guitar Features:

  • Aggressive-looking guitar with neck-through construction
  • Clear and powerful DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton humbuckers
  • Neck-through construction offers tuning stability and increased sustain
  • Wizard III neck profile plays extremely fast
  • Arched top exudes a sophisticated look
  • Rosewood fretboard with understated offset dot inlays

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