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Jual GFI System Specular Reverb V3

Jual GFI System Specular Reverb V3

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Jual GFI System Specular Reverb V3

Jual GFI System Specular Reverb V3, harga Rp. 3.100.000,-

The GFI System Specular Reverb V3 is the answer to all of your ambient reverb needs. It's got pristine verbs with tons of headroom and loads of different modes on tap that'll suit the experimental guitarist to a tee. 
Another handy feature of GFI System pedals is that the pedal won't stop dead when you hit the footswitch to turn it off. Rather, it'll trail off naturally into the mix of a song. 
With tons of preloaded presets and the option to edit all of your sounds, you'll quickly be getting lost in the stratosphere with all of the reverb options at your fingertips. 
What's new for V3?
  • same footprint as V2
  • same algorithms as V2
  • new Kill-Dry feature.
  • new Expression Pedal / Tap-Tempo input
  • Improved interface and preset system

Here's what GFI System say about the Specular Reverb V3:

Concept: Specular Reverb v.3 offers one normal reverb mode plus six atmospheric reverb modes. Each one of the six atmospheric modes (Modulated, Shimmer, Echo, Tremble, Voices, and Infinity) has the same basic character as the normal reverb mode, whilst adding its own unique twist. This is the core concept of the pedal : one great sounding reverb and the ability to add unique atmospheres on the fly.
Presets:  you can save up to 8 presets, no more knobs tweaking during live performance.
Stereo I/O: a reverb effect processor sounds much much better in stereo, period.
Trail Persistence: as the pedal is bypassed, the reverb tail is not abruptly cut off, instead it decays out naturally. The same is true when changing presets (as long as you stay in the same reverb mode).
Auto Intensity Sweep: when you engage this feature, the parameter controlled by the Intensity knob is slowly swept to the maximum value, hold it there, and then swept back to the original setting. Used judiciously, this feature can introduce dynamic elements to the soundscape - watch the demo videos to see it in action.
Analog Dry-thru: dry signal is routed through a pure analog path.
Small form factor: the pedal measures 12 x 6.5 (cm) or 4.7 x 2.5 (inch), pretty small for what it has to offer.

Reverb Modes:

Normal Reverb
This is the ‘mother’ reverb whose basic character is shared by all modes in this pedal. The design is influenced more by psychoacoustic principles rather than geometric representation (room, hall, chamber, etc.). In general, we thrived for a reverb that sounds good over the whole span of Decay settings, this yields a versatile reverb that can be used to achieve anything from subtle ambience, medium sized room, all the way to very large majestic spaces with seemingly endless reverb tails.
Adds modulation to the late reverberation. As the Intensity knob is turned clockwise, both depth and intensity increases; approaching the maximum position a weird but beautiful swirling resonance starts to appear.
Adds regenerative octave components onto the reverberation. The harmonized decay emulates the presence of multiple strings pads accompanying your instrument. Used together with a volume pedal this atmospheric mode can work magic!
This mode is unique compared to the other atmospheres in the sense that it’s not ‘reverb with echoes added in’, instead, it’s a ‘reverbed echo’. The effect that is in focus here is the echo, with reverb being the additive component.
Adds amplitude modulation (tremolo) to the reverb. Since the tremolo is applied only to the reverb, the dry signal remains strong and clear. The result is a very interesting pulsating ambience that injects rhythms to the standard reverb sound. The depth and speed of the tremolo effect are adjustable.
Adds a pitch-shifted secondary voice on top of the late reverberation. There are three interval choices : Unison (no shift), Perfect Fifth (7 semitones), and Octave (12 semitones). The Intensity knob is partitioned into 3 regions, each region represents a distinct voice.
This mode allows you to capture a brief snapshot of the sound you are playing, and hold it indefinitely, then you can play over it (with reverberation). Later on, you can fade out the sustained sound, and immediately fade in a new one. You can also adjust the intensity and tonality of the infinitely-sustained part of the sound independently of the reverb, this gives much flexibility in sculpting the background ambience stage.


  • Pristine reverbs in a compact pedal.
  • Fully programmable : 4 x 2 presets.
  • Stereo input and output.
  • 1 Normal reverb + 6 Atmospheric reverbs (Modulated, Shimmer, Echo, Tremble, Voices, Infinity).
  • Reverb trails persistence.
  • 24-bits signal processing.
  • Analog dry-thru.
  • All clickless footswitches.

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Pin BB : D88A26A3
Email : imagination.music15@gmail.com
Indonetwork : www.indonetwork.co.id/imagination-music
Website resmi : www.imaginationmusicstore.com

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