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Jual Compressor Limiter Gate Alto ACOM2

Jual Compressor Limiter Gate Alto ACOM2

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Jual Compressor Limiter Gate Alto ACOM2

Jual Compressor Limiter Gate Alto ACOM2, harga Rp. 1.885.000,-

Two Full-Featured Compressors in One Compact, Ultra-Low-Noise Rack Unit
ALTO ACOM2 is a two-channel compressor/limiter/gate that gives you maximum clarity and smooth level control for any pro audio application. Thanks to its two independent, full-featured compressor/limiters, you can use ACOM2 as two individual mono processors or link the processors to provide true-stereo compression. All it takes is the push of a button to switch between mono and stereo.
  • ACOM2's intelligent attack and release switch can automatically adjust the unit's attack and release to the source signal, or you can use manual mode for tailored adjustment.
  •  At the heart of ACOM2's minimized signal path is a premium VCA, which provides optimal temperature stability.
  • But you'll appreciate it even more for what it lacks: noise and distortion. ACOM2's Expander/Gate also gives you all the controls you need to suppress or block out unwanted noise.
  •  The sidechain function allows for external effects loops or other common compressor applications such as ducking.
  •  A second, internal sidechain employs a switchable low-cut filter to help control pumping due to heavy low-frequency content.
ACOM2 offers exactly what a great compressor should: smooth and consistent performance that doesn't degrade or color your signal.

  • Two independent, full-featured compressor/limiters in one compact rack
  • Use as two individual mono processors, or stereo-link to provide true stereo compression
  • Auto-attack/-release switch automatically adjusts compression to source signal
  • Full manual mode for tailored adjustment to any venue
  • Minimized signal path with high-quality VCA: low noise, minimal distortion and optimal temperature stability
  • Intelligent Knee for musical performance with soft and hard-knee envelopes
  • Couple switch for a one-touch selection between two mono channels or stereo-linked operation
  • Sidechain send and return for use in an external effects loop
  • Switchable low-cut filter minimizes audio-program pumping triggered by kick drum
  • Gain-reduction LEDs and switchable input/output-level LED meters for visual monitoring of critical values
  • Bypass switches on both channels
Front Panel Features:
Couple Switch
1. Dual mono - When activated, this links two mono channels together.
2. Ch 1 master - When the Couple Switch is engaged, Channel 1 will take control of both channels and override all the controls and switches of Channel 2 with the exception of the SC Monitor, SC External, SC Filter, Bypass and Peak Limiter control.
3. Threshold control - Adjusts the threshold level for the Expander/Gate section.
4. Ratio control - Determines the expansion ratio when the signal drops below the threshold level.
5. Threshold LED - The "+" LED lights up when the audio signal goes below the set Threshold. The "-" LED lights up when being used as an expander
6. Threshold control - Adjusts the threshold level for the Compressor section in the range of -40 dBu to +20 dBu. Signals that go above the set threshold will be compressed.
7. Threshold LED - Shows the state of the input signal in relation to the threshold level. If the input signalfalls below the set threshold level the left "-" LED will light up and the signal will not be compressed. If theinput signal rises above the set threshold level, this signal will be compressed and the SKC (Smart KneeControl) level will be shown by the middle "0" LED.
8. Ratio control - The ratio between the input and output level of audio signals exceeding the set threshold.
9. Attack control - Determines how fast the compressor reacts to audio signals that exceed the set threshold.
10. Release control - Determines how fast the compressor returns to unity gain when the audio signal fallsbelow the threshold level.
11. Auto switch - Allows the attack and release controls to be automatically set based on the audio signal.
12. Output gain control - Adjusts the output signal by a maximum of 20 dB to recover the level lost duringcompression.
13. SC External switch - Separates the connection between the audio input and the sidechain path but allows an external signal through the sidechain return jack.
14. SC Monitor Switch - Connects the sidechain control signal to the audio output, muting the audio input and monitoring the sidechain signal being returned via external signal processors.
15. SC Filter switch - Activates a low-cut filter in the sidechain path, eliminating unwanted noise generated by low frequencies.
16. Smart switch - Hard knee mode will be converted into SKC (Smart Knee Control) mode for musicallytransparent compression.
17. Bypass switch - Turns off the corresponding channel to make an A/B comparison of the processed andunprocessed signal.
18. Input/output meter switch - Switches to the input level meter when turned on; switches to the outputlevel meter when turned off.
19. Input/output level meter - Displays the input or output level.
20. Gain reduction meter - Displays the amount of gain reduction
21. Threshold control - Controls the level of the Limiter.
22. Limiter LED - Lights up when the Limiter function is activated.
Rear Panel Features:
23. Power connector - Connect the included power cable here.
24. Audio in - Balanced 1/4" TRS jack and XLR input connectors.
25. Audio out - Balanced 1/4" TRS jack and XLR output connectors.
26. Operating level control - Sets the operating level to either -10 dBV or +4 dBu.
27. Sidechain send - 1/4" unbalanced jack to route audio to an external processor.
28. Sidechain return - 1/4" jack processes the return signal sent from an external processor

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